Youth Diversion Program

From 2000 to 2019, Parrott Creek’s Diversion Program was a community-led service that used a restorative justice model to hold youth accountable for their actions in their home community. Youth in Diversion were typically first time offenders who were involved in violations like possession of alcohol or marijuana, and misdemeanors such as criminal mischief or theft.

Diversion staff and community volunteers would work closely with youth to provide them with the skills, support and education they needed to make better decisions for themselves. Staff connected youth and their families to opportunities, programs and services that encouraged healthier, pro-social activities and helped inspire their futures.  

The Parrott Creek Diversion Program served youth and families in seven Clackamas County Cities, as well as well as all Hispanic/Latinx youth who were referred to Diversion by the Juvenile Department.

Though Parrott Creek no longer provides a first time offender program in Clackamas County, we are proud of our staff, volunteers, youth, and families for their hard work and dedication to making our communities safer and healthier. Parrott Creek has been providing programs and services in Clackamas County for over 50 years and we have much more work to do. We are developing new opportunities with the Department of Human Services to help address the crisis in the Child Welfare system and we continue to work with the Oregon Youth Authority and youth deep in the juvenile system. We are co-founders of the Clackamas Nonprofit Safety Net Coalition and we are constantly looking for ways that we can respond to the needs of our local communities, their families and the children who live there with new programs and services. 

For more information about the Shelter Care program, please contact Neil Davies, Director of Programs, at email or 503-­266-­3050.