The Safe Kids Coalition promotes critical services for children and youth impacted by trauma.The safety and well-being of children and youth in our communities must be a top priority and a shared responsibility among caring adults.

What is the Safe Kids Coalition?
A long-standing cooperative effort has formalized as the Safe Kids Coalition for Clackamas County, including more than 14 area nonprofits serving the needs of at-risk children, youth and family.The Safe Kids Coalition represents the interests of more than 80,000 children and youth in Clackamas County.

Our Mission and Vision

The Safe Kids Coalition for Clackamas County uses a collective impact model to ensure critical services are accessible to children and youth impacted by trauma.

Our vision is to create a community where the safety and well-being of children and youth are a top priority and a shared responsibility.

2021 Highlights & Achievements

  • Capitalized on momentum and support from the Fall 2020 “Yes for Clackamas Kids” ballot measure campaign to formalize the Safe Kids Coalition.
  • Incorporated Safe Kids Coalition as an officially registered nonprofit with the State of Oregon and established Clackamas Women’s Services as the fiscal agent to provide tax exempt options to supporters and foundations.
  • Launched the Safe Kids Coalition website.
  • Coordinated with Oregon’s Congressional Leaders to represent the needs of Clackamas County’s children and youth.
  • Compiled a community needs assessment for children and youth impacted by trauma related to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of a coordinated funding request for American Rescue Plan Act assistance.
  • Host regular gatherings of local nonprofit leaders and other supportive individuals to share support, resources, updates, challenges, funding opportunities, coordinated services, and gaps.
  • Local outreach regarding the work of Safe Kids Coalition with presentations to area civic organizations.
  • Educating the community and policy makers on the role of community-based organizations and the interconnected needs of children and youth.

October 2022: CALL TO ACTION 

Did you know that nearly “15 percent of Clackamas County’s children have unmet mental health care needs, 13 percent live with food insecurity, and over 50% live in families that are struggling to keep their housing due to the unsustainable cost of rent”?
Parrott Creek is a proud active member of the Safe Kids Coalition for Clackamas County who released a statement calling on all elected officials and candidates to “aggressively address the unprecedented challenges facing Clackamas children and youth.” Click here to read the full statement and why this call to action is so important.