Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs

Parrott Creek is an active member of the Oregon Alliance: a state-wide dedicated champion and established voice in advocating for the safety, health, and well-being of children, youth, families, and communities across Oregon. The Alliance is a diverse group of organizations serving Oregon’s kids and their families at home, in school, in residential settings, and within the community. Parrott Creek’s Executive Director is Vice President of the Alliance and Co-Chair of their Juvenile Justice Affinity Group.

Our collective strategies include: 

  • Advocating for the needs of children and families, and for the people who provide them services. 
  • Connecting with community thought leaders, partners in government, allied fields, and the private sector to bring together the most effective policies, best practices, and resources to help kids live healthier lives and for families and communities to thrive in every corner of the state. 
  • Working closely with state departments, divisions and leadership in Human Services, the Health Authority, the Youth Authority, Housing and Community Services, Education, and Medicaid Assisted Programs. 
  • Promoting and advocating for system change, creating principles of respect, anti-racism, inclusion, and access to equitable services for all.
  • Engaging in activities affecting regulatory oversight, administrative rules, contracting; development of Oregon’s policies and priorities for children, families and communities; building budget priorities and securing appropriations.

Visit the Oregon Alliance of Children’s Program website for more information.