Parrott Creek’s New Era House

Parrott Creek, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services has launched a new residential program for children and teens in the Child Welfare system.  This work is specifically aimed at helping alleviate the need for Oregon to place youth in foster care out of state and to better nurture and care for them close to home. This service will build on our experience working with highly traumatized youth and those with high Adverse Childhood Experience scores as well as our expertise in treating and supporting youth with sexually harmful behaviors.

Our on-site school delivered in partnership the Clackamas Education Service District ensures no interruption  in our youth’s education, helps them to achieve credit recovery and many go on to graduate or achieve their GEDs. 

Finally, we have the added benefit of being located on 80 acres of woodland just outside the Metro area. We are working with the Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program to ensure the full therapeutic benefits of our natural environment for our youth and to extend this as a community resource.

For more information about the New Era residential program, please contact Neil Davies, Director of Programs, at email or 503-­722-4110.