Lifeguards Program

Boy sitting on bench.

Lifeguards is a community based program that provides assessment and outpatient treatment services for adolescents who exhibit sexually inappropriate behavior. Youth participate in individual, family and group therapy to provide a holistic approach to treatment and to prevent further offenses. With a priority of community safety Parrott Creek works with youth in the Lifeguards Program holding them accountable through victim and community restoration.

How it helps

Lifeguard staff work closely with the youth and their family to create a safe environment for positive change to occur. We help youth identify mutual goals and ultimately help them take accountability for their sexual behaviors viewed as problematic.

The program uses an evidence based curriculum which includes individual, family, and group therapy approaches, focusing on respect and hope for change. The Lifeguards Program strives to achieve offender accountability, victim advocacy, as well as positive youth development and strengthening of families.

Who it serves

Adolescents living in Clackamas County, ages 12 to 18,  and their families are referred to the Lifeguards Program by the Clackamas County Juvenile Department.

Who to contact

For more information about the Lifeguards Program, please contact Paul Stanzione, Child & Family Therapist, at email or 503-722-4110 ext. 137.