The 2019 Oregon legislative session is almost over and they will be making their final budget decisions in the next FEW DAYS. We’d really appreciate your help one last time to advocate for our capital bond request to help renovate our buildings AND SERVE MORE YOUTH. As you know, we are very keen to do our part to help resolve the crisis in Oregon’s Child Welfare system and our 80 acre Ranch is the perfect place to look after some of these kids.

We need a final push to remind legislators that hundreds, if not thousands, of people support our efforts and want us to be successful. As they make their final budget allocations they need to know that our project is a worthy one.

Here’s how you can help: Below is a draft email that we’d love for you to personalize and then send to the legislators also listed below. These are the same ones many of you emailed just a few weeks ago.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!



Subject: Please support Parrott Creek’s HB 5030 Financing Request

Dear Senator/Representative,

The end of the 2019 legislative session is fast approaching and I am sure you are in the final stages of your budget decisions. I am again writing to urge you to support Parrott Creek’s $3.5M capital request under HB5030. Please fund it at the full amount requested so that they, along with me and thousands of other supporters, can ensure that more youth in our Child Welfare system get the care they need and deserve.

I know that there are many, many worthy projects requiring funds and that you have some very difficult choices to make. I understand that the one silver lining in  is that the State exceeded its income projections this year so there is just a little bit more money to allocate to projects in our communities.

Again, I hope that Parrott Creek is in your budget so they can play their part in supporting some of Oregon’s most vulnerable children.

Thank you.

Please email the following decision makers: