Representative Mark Meek and other members of the Oregon legislature are asking for $3.5 million in a State capital bond so that Parrott Creek can finally redevelop our aging buildings and serve more youth. We want to do our part to stop local youth from being sent out of state and to serve them here, in Clackamas, in as close to a home-like environment as we can create.

Here is how you can help:

Please use the text below (or modify in your own words) and email the list of legislatures also provided below. 

The few moments you take today to send an email will impact Parrott Creek children and families for years to come. Please help us to ensure our legacy for another 50 years in support of all our communities. Thank you for your time and support! 


Subject: Please support Parrott Creek’s HB 5030 Financing Request

Dear Ways & Means Committee Members,

Parrott Creek Child & Family Services has put in a request for $3.5M towards the $6.6M cost of redeveloping their residential buildings to better serve highly traumatized children and teens in our child welfare and juvenile systems. These funds will also help Parrott Creek redesign their on-site school that supports these same youth in credit recovery and education success.  Parrott Creek works with youth from across all of Oregon. 

Almost every day I seem to read another article about the crisis in our child welfare system: kids sent out of state and being further abused, teenagers still housed in hotels, exorbitant overtime and emergency costs crippling government agencies and even kids who should be in foster care being placed in repurposed detention facilities.

These travesties and embarrassments to the State of Oregon have to end!

Parrott Creek offers the very services Oregon needs.  They are committed to providing as home-like an environment as possible while ensuring kids get to benefit from their 80 acres of woodland.

I am writing to urge you to see this project as worthy of HB 5030 financing at the full amount requested.

As a supporter of Parrott Creek, I know that they are only asking for 50% of the actual capital costs. I stand ready to help them raise the remaining funds needed so that, together, we can ensure a brighter future for all of Oregon’s children.

Thank you.

Please email the following decision makers: