Women and Mother's Program

The Children & Mother’s Program includes the following:

  • Steps to Active Recovery (STAR)
  • Recovery Homes
  • Home Safe

Parrott Creek developed the Children and Mother’s Program in partnership with True Housing to address the unmet needs of young women, particularly mothers under the age of 25, who face significant barriers to affordable and stable housing, safe parenting, substance misuse treatment and long term economic self-sufficiency. Together we wanted to improve outcomes for these young women and protect their children from additional Adverse Childhood Experiences. 

The program provides a continuum of care that combines STAR outreach support with transition into safe and stable housing. Parrott Creek’s STAR peer support team engages parents in treatment services and helps them access preventative healthcare support. This program provides  STAR clients access to 3 Recovery Homes (total of 15 units), and homeless mothers have access to 9 scattered site apartments through the Home Safe Program. 

The goal of the Children & Mother’s Program is to provide integrated case planning and systems alignment for families involved in child welfare and/or homeless services: from crisis intervention, to treatment, housing and long term life-skills support.

Parrott Creek understands that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), immigrant populations and LGBTQI youth and families continue to face barriers to housing access and supported services at rates disproportionately higher than their white counterparts. We’re excited to have a new grant supporting a BIPOC Housing Navigator to provide integrated case planning and systems alignment for Child Welfare families through housing and support services, with an emphasis on removing barriers for underserved community members.