Alcohol & Drug Housing Assistance Program

Launching in April, 2022 we are proud to have created a new Alcohol & Drug Housing Assistance Program in partnership with the Clackamas County Behavioral Health Division.  Building on our existing peer-led Traditional Health Worker model, we will provide housing assistance to adults engaged in substance misuse treatment services, focusing on their recovery, retaining and/or accessing permanent housing and connecting individuals with benefits and employment options.


This new program will be integrated with our existing team of Traditional Health Workers/Housing Navigators (including CADCs and Peer Recovery Mentors), Outreach Workers, Case Managers and Behavioral Health professionals. The program will offer a continuum of care to individuals participating in alcohol and drug recovery at or below 50% Median Family Income, who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness.

Our service provides housing assistance for Clackamas County residents in alcohol and drug recovery in both the urban/Metro part of the county, as well as our rural communities. Our service supports client access to, and sustained participation in, substance misuse treatment, as well as the tenuous aspects of a clients’ early recovery.  Key to the success of the program, and therefore the participants, is clients becoming self-sufficient by obtaining permanent housing along with renewed and/or sustained employment.

If you or someone you know needs treatment for a drug addiction or help navigating a path to recovery, we can help.

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