Our mission is to help our participants identify strengths and develop skills that build stronger families and safer communities. We build effective partnerships to align services, maximize resources and provide an equitable and inclusive continuum of care for our participants. 


About Us

For over fifty years Parrott Creek Child & Family Services has supported some of our most vulnerable community members: children and families caught up in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. What was first just a farmhouse and ranch program to help kids “get away from it all” has grown into a robust organization offering expertise in a diverse array of programs and services that help children and families stabilize their lives, identify their strengths and develop life-long skills that support their success, all the while making our communities safer, healthier and more nurturing for all of us.

Since 1968 Parrott Creek has served over 25,000 children and families. Every year, nearly 800 participants benefit from our support, not only enriching their lives but saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for our State taxpayers.

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Based on a practice of unconditional positive regard, our programs and services span the continuum of care from early interventions and community support through to outpatient treatment and intensive residential programs. Our approach is to address the various social, economic and health factors that cause trauma to individuals and communities and that lead to poor choices and social dysfunction. We combine evidence based and trauma-informed treatment models with restorative justice and mindfulness to help individuals become aware of past and current behaviors, and develop tools to make concrete changes.

At its heart, we believe our children and families are smart, capable and doing the best they can with the resources they have available to them. Our job is to help them reach their full potential.

Core Values

Once a family calls on us they are not alone