About Us

For some kids, the road to the future can be bumpy, difficult and sometimes scary

Parrott Creek has served over 25,000 youth and families since our program began in 1968. Our services help participants learn to recognize and acknowledge how disruptive patterns hurt themselves and others. They leave our programs with the concrete skills to control and change impulsive negative behaviors, ultimately helping them reach their full potential. We work with both the youth and their family to address these issues and help them build the skills and trust they need to get back on the right path to success.

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Parrott Creek Child and Family Services, in partnership with others, helps families and youth identify strengths and develop skills that build stronger families and safer communities.


  • We are a place of great hope and care.
  • We believe in the capacity for troubled youth to change—and change starts with accountability.
  • We never quit on a child and his or her family—we’ve seen too many lives transformed, futures secured and dreams attained.
  • Clackamas County is our home, too. And like all who reside here we want our communities to be safe and healthy.


One of the most important things we have learned over the last 50 years is that it is not just the child or individual family member in crisis who needs support and care. It is the entire family. That’s why our programs are built to support the whole family—including parents, siblings, grandparents, or any other significant individuals involved in your family dynamic.

We believe that with whole family involvement, our chances of helping any individual or family experience lasting change are exponentially greater.

We also recognize that some families may require assistance that is beyond our doors.  The bottom line is this: if we can’t help a family, we’ll help them find someone who can.  Once they call us, they are not alone.