Parrott Creek Response to Covid 19

Please note that visitation has been restricted in compliance with updated state regulations. Click here for a an updated list of our Policies and Procedures.


In these uniquelly challenging times, Parrott Creek, along with our sponsors and supporters, came together to face the challenges and be Stronger Together. Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to view the full video series for our Stronger Together campaign.

Parrott Creek and True Housing

Parrott Creek and True Housing (formerly The Inn Home) have entered into a strategic partnership to align their services along a robust continuum of care. This collaboration will allow us to jointly provide housing for formerly homeless mothers with children, foster youth and independent living programs for young adults. True Housing, like Parrott Creek, has a 50+ year history of providing services here in the Metro area and this agreement is a step towards the eventual incorporation of their programs under Parrott Creek.