Volunteer Opportunities

Parrott Creek is thankful for our many volunteers who help us provide our youth and their families with a second chance at a brighter future. We are always open to ideas for ways that you can get involved, but here are a few of the opportunities for you to get started. To learn how to become a volunteer, please contact the Development Department by email or 503‐722‐4110 x215.

Kids playing gamesShopping Volunteers

Parrott Creek is charged with feeding, educating, and inspiring over 30 youth at the Ranch every month. Shopping volunteers are need to help retrieve the clothing and supplies necessary for this occasionally daunting task.

Activity Leaders

This is one of the unique volunteer opportunities at Parrott Creek.  Enrichment activities are an important part of the youth’s healing process.  Many of our youth come from backgrounds that lack opportunities, and enrichment activities provide them with the chance to discover new passions and interests while building self‐confidence. Volunteers with a specific interest or skill set are needed to lead youth in enrichment activities that match with their interest and skills. We encourage volunteers to lead activities they feel passionate about.  Here are some examples of possible Activity Leader volunteer opportunities, but please note that they’re not at all limited to those listed below. Teaching and leading chess games Teaching photography Leading exercise and weightlifting activities Music lessons Organizing a public speaking club.

Volunteer Opportunities at our Administration Office

Office Assistance: Volunteers are needed at Parrott Creek’s main office to help with reception, mailings, data entry, and other projects.

Volunteer Opportunities in the Community

Diversion Panel Member: Many first time offenders are given the opportunity to participate in the Youth Diversion Program, instead of juvenile court, where they will meet with the Community Accountability Panel (Diversion Panel).  As a member of this panel, you will discuss the offense and tailor consequences to hold them accountable for their actions and develop skills that keep them from making the same mistake again.

Host a tour of your company/business

This is a unique volunteer opportunity where our youth come to you! Youth participate in monthly tours at local companies where they are introduced to a variety of industries, job readiness skills and training opportunities.  We are always looking for new companies and industries to expose them to.  If hosting a group at your company is not an option, we invite volunteers to The Ranch to teach youth about their business and industry.

Mentoring Opportunities at Parrott Creek Ranch

Mentors for the residential program should be adults who are willing to engage in an appropriate relationship with an at-risk youth at Parrott Creek. They should be aware that this relationship is with youth who have experienced several adverse life experiences and may be guarded in their interactions with adults. The mentor relationship is one that is neither a friendship or parent but a relationship that is based on mutual interests and promotes the health, welfare and goals of the youth. Mentors working with youth at Parrott Creek will be expected to follow the basic guidelines and expectations that a staff member would. The difference is that they will be encouraged to create a relationship that is unique to their mentee at the youth’s choice. There is a hope that the mentor relationship may outlast the youth’s stay in the program. With this in mind mentors should be aware that youth come from all over the state and they should be willing to maintain contact once youth have transitioned to their next placement. Mentors can be helpful in Parrott Creeks Residential Programs in several ways. They can be a person who works individually with youth who have no stable home environment so they can practice skills learned in the community. They can also be a contact for youth so they have a person to call, write to and go on activities with in order to help them engage in pro-social activities. They can be a valuable resource to help youth be successful in school. Working closely with individual youth who may be lacking the skills necessary to be successful in a school environment.