Key Staff

Missy Wryn, Interim Executive Director

Donnie Benjamin, HR Manager

Neil Davies, Residential Director

Neil Davies has been working at Parrott Creek for 21 years and in that time has done everything from changing the oil on the vans to being the Program Director. In fact, all of his 29 years of professional experience have been working with youth. Neil loves the freedom to innovate and move forward that Parrott Creek offers. In his words, “they always have been an agency looking to improve services and have never been satisfied with just good enough.” That is why Parrott Creek has been lucky enough to keep him here for so many years!

In his free time, he listens to a lot of music and attends concerts with his family. During football season (he means the football that involves the round ball and a netted goal) he spends his early morning shouting at the TV.

Greg Newman, Clinical Director

Greg has been with Parrott Creek since 2005 and the interim years has been adventuresome. During his time at Parrott Creek, he has held the positions of: Parent Trainer, Youth and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, and his current position as Director of Clinical Services. He has a Masters in Social Work and is also a licensed clinical social worker. Prior to Parrott Creek, he volunteered and worked in the social services field since 1998. Every day he is inspired by his clients and gratified to work with the smart, funny, and dedicated staff at Parrott Creek.

When he is not working, he craves outdoor adventures such as hiking, animal/bird viewing and scuba diving, or urban adventures such as art, movies and almost any kind of live music.

Andrea Rohm, Juvenile Diversion Program Manager

Andrea has worked at Parrott Creek for 14 years, but was actually a Diversion Panel Volunteer for several years before she was hired. She started out as a part‐time Program Coordinator and then moved to a full time coordinator where she served 6 cities on her own, it was a bit hectic! In 2008, she became Diversion Program Manager and has loved almost every minute of her many wonderful, but challenging at times, days at Parrott Creek. She has always felt that when she got this position, she had “arrived”, fulfilling her passion for youth, and hopefully making a difference.

Because Parrot Creek is such an awesome, supportive, collaborative work environment, she plans on staying until they change the locks and don’t give her a new key…

The other capes that Andrea wears, besides “Super Diversion Lady” of course, is “Super Wife” (she asks “please don’t check with her husband for confirmation on that self proclaimed Title!”), “Mom” and “Ma”. She has been married almost 32 years, has 3 grown kids and 2 grand kids whom she loves to spend time with. She loves to read, hike, bike, find good deals, and travel. She also loves to sing show tunes, much to her family’s chagrin.

Justina Johnson, Development Manager

Justina Johnson joined Parott Creek in 2017 with a background in fundraising, communications, and finance. Justina graduated from California State University, Chico in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Certificate in Literary Editing and Publishing. Her background in writing and editing has driven a career in grant-writing and non-profit fundraising, and she has served in management and development roles at non-profit organizations in California and Oregon.

Justina is passionate about community engagement and Parrott Creek’s work serving youth and their families. She loves reading, baking, and outdoor adventures with her family.